Wood, the product of living entities whose membership contains both the largest and oldest of all living things, deserves our respect and our stewardship. Although sustainable, it’s over use and abuse has put many species at risk. The many ways we have done this are too involved to go into so I will only speak to the area that I am most involved in – furnishings. The glut of cheap and poorly built furniture such as that supplied by our Big Box Stores is a huge waste of our precious resources. The very short life span of this disposable furniture clutters both our lives and our landfills. It is my goal in my own small way to alleviate some of this abuse by creating and building objects in wood that are intended to last a lifetime if not for generations. I try to use as much wood as possible from recycled trees, trees that have been cut down because of damage, disease or danger that would normally go in our landfills.

About Ross Rooke - Fine Woodworking

Native of a small town in Saskatchewan, I have settled in the environmentally progressive community of Chelsea, Quebec, in the beautiful Gatineau Hills, minutes away from downtown Ottawa, Ontario.

Since early childhood I have always shown a creative flair for constructing things from whatever materials were available at hand. Wood working became my main creative expression in 1972, building simplistic furniture for family and friends. This innate pioneering spirit developed into a career of “one of a kind” furniture pieces and wood turnings, promoted and sold through the local craft sale circuit. Along with fellow woodworkers, I was instrumental in introducing fine woodworking into Saskatchewan culture.

The limited local market for fine furniture prompted me to team up with a colleague and establish an office furniture manufacturing business. We introduced veneering on a commercial scale to the province of Saskatchewan and built Western Canada’s second largest office furniture manufacturing business, supplying government, corporations, businesses and individuals with high quality furnishings.

After experiencing business on a corporate level, I have come full circle and now work as a fine woodworker using my broad range of knowledge to create objects for the enjoyment of all lovers of wood.

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